Streamate Model of the Month: Catherine Tayler

Streamate Model of the Month: Catherine Tayler

( LOS ANGELES, CA ) — Streamate, the world’s leading provider of live web cam entertainment, features some of the most stunning cam models in the industry. In an effort to introduce some of them to the viewing public Streamate will present one model per month in a series of press releases and media appearances.

Streamate is proud to announce that the first such model is none other than Catherine Tayler. This busty Canadian MILF has been a staple of the Streamate roster for a few years and has worked diligently to perfect her craft to give viewers exactly what they are looking for. Her distinctive body art, attention to detail and killer curves have made her a fan favorite.

“There is not a single day where you won’t find Catherine online,” says Streamate’s Chris. “When she is on cam, she isn’t even working. She is there having fun and all her fans can sense that. She is highly appreciated by our members, not only because of her multiple talents but also for her personality”

Catherine’s busy schedule includes at least four hours of live camming a day. With a work ethic like that and her two most obvious charms, is it any wonder why Catherine is such a popular performer.

As a way to introduce her to those who have not yet had the pleasure, Streamate proudly presents a quickie interview with Catherine Tayler

For even More Catherine, visit:

As a way to introduce Catherine to those who have not yet had the pleasure, Streamate proudly presents a quickie interview with the Catherine Tayler

Quickie Interview with Catherine Tayler

Q: Who are you?

CT: Catherine Tayler

Q: How did you get into camming?

CT: I was desperately broke. I knew about camming, I had $100 in my pocket and I used it to get a webcam. That’s how it all started. I tried it and it worked very well almost immediately. I was in college at that time, I quit college 3 days later.

Q: What do you like about it?

CT: What I like about camming is that it’s an everyday challenge for me personally and it’s a career that works for me as a mom.

Q: When can people find you on cam?

CT: 24/7…pretty much. I shower on cam…I even sleep on cam.

Q: What type of cam show do you enjoy the most?

CT: The early morning ones because I’m an early bird usually.

Q: What’s your favorite word?

CT: ‘Delicious’, because when people say it, it sticks in my head and not just in a sexual way.

Q: What part of your body do people generally ask to see first?

CT: I want to say a toss up between my feet, my_ass and my_tits, but my_tits usually comes first.

Q: Is this the right one for them to pick in your eyes?

CT: Nooooo, I have eyes! lol

Q: What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

CT: Intelligence and confidence.

Q: What turns you off?

CT: Ugly hands is a huge turn off for me.

Q: What is the most unusual thing you have ever blurted out in a moment of passion?

CT: “What’s your name again?”

Q: What are your hobbies?

CT: Traveling, reading, shopping, camming

Q: How about your passions?

CT: I’m very passionate about everything I do, I don’t have a specific passion.

Q: What profession, other than your own, would you like to attempt?

CT: A beautician

Q: What’s your favorite color?

CT: Blue

Q: What question did you want me to ask you that I didn’t ask?

CT: “What was life like before getting in the adult industry?”

For the answer to that and other questions about Catherine, stay tuned for more interviews and stories during her reign as Streamate Model of the Month.

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