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Pipeline-Media is dedicated to providing the services our clients need in a professional and timely manner. The items listed below are some of the services we can provide. We can customize any package to fit your needs and budget and are open to new ideas. If you see something you need that isn’t on this list, just ask. For more information and a price list, email

-Press Release: Professionally written and edited to your specifications by our experienced staff. We will prepare and send your press release to our extensive contact list and feature it prominently on our web site and social networking sites. We will also follow up to ensure the greatest possible exposure for your event/project/update. Press releases are available as one-offs or can be pre-paid in packages at a discount and used as needed. Press Releases are also available as part of our comprehensive PR packages.

-Media Alert: Similar to a press release, a Media Alert is a short blast used for events such as parties, dance engagements or signings that do not require a full press release. Written and edited to your specifications and sent to our expansive list, Media Alerts are available as one-offs or in pre-paid packages. They are also covered in our comprehensive PR packages.

-Social Network Site Management: Keeping your social networking sites update can be time consuming. Our staff will keep your SNS up to date with all of your latest press releases, media alerts and related news. We can also organize and facilitate fan email as needed. Social Network Site Management is available alone or as part of our comprehensive PR package.

-Mainstream/Adult Media Booking: Using our extensive contact list we will work to book you on popular radio, internet and television shows. Bookings are available as one-offs or as part of our comprehensive PR packages.

-Web Design: We have partnered with a fantastic web designer who can get your site up and running. Once it is up we also have hosting available and can keep your site updated with all of your releases.

-Headshots/Business Cards: We have partnered with a veteran adult industry photography to provide first-class head shots and other photography. He can design and print your business cards to make sure you get noticed. Headshot/Business Card package is available on its own or as part of a compressive PR package. (Current Special Offer: Pre-pay for three months of a PR package and the Headshots and 1000 business cards are included free.)

-Clip Store Management: One of the best ways to supplement income these days is through a clip store. Talent shoots content and sells directly to fans. We can set up and manage your clips store and even edit raw footage. You own your own product and make money from your efforts. We can also edit your exclusive content into DVDs to sell at conventions or dance engagements.

-Content Exchange Shoots: Content exchange shoots are an excellent way to produce inexpensive exclusive content for your web site, clip store or custom video customers. We can help set up content shoots with our other clients, outside talent and technical crews so that you get your content for little or no cost. (Note: We are not agents and do not collect fees for these shoots. They are not paid shoots. We simply facilitate the shoots to get you quality content to sell on your own.)

-Don’t See It on the Menu- Ask.

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