Names Robby D Best Director

Robby D Named Top Director at

Second Critic’s Choice Win for Robby


Robby D. Named Critic’s Choice Best Director Winner From

— Digital Playground’s leading contract director,Robby D., has been awarded the Critic’s Choice award for Best Director of 2009 from This is Robby D.’s second Best Director award from; his first in 2006. Over the years Robby D. has received numerous accolades recognizing his remarkable level of expertise and attention to detail.

Rog at writes, “There were a lot of really talented directors in the mix this year, but Robby had such a great year. With movies like Nurses and Teachers, he shows us that he can shoot sexy features as well as anyone in the business. His Hand Held Pictures releases are slick gonzo productions that are just as hot and nasty as anything on the market. Lots of directors can do gonzo and a number can do features. Very few can do both and rarely with as much skill and eye of what fans want to see as Robby shows.”

Robby D. states “Rog is the one I gauge the industry on. He has always been fair to all of us over the years!”

Digital Playground President Samantha Lewis raves, “Robby D. contributes a great deal to our company and every aspect of our production team! He has spent years perfecting and refining his skills and tapping into his brilliant creativity.”

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