Quickie With Kiki: Interview with Kiki D’Aire

Quickie With Kiki: Interview with Kiki D’Aire

A Quickie With Kiki D’Aire: 10 Questions with Kiki D’Aire

1. For those living under a rock, you are back. How long have you been away?

I was away for the better part of 2004 til now. There were few attempts at resuming life in kikiland, but I had unfinished business to attend to before I could concentrate on it.

2. Why did you pick now to make your return?

Why not? I know everyone says the business is dying, but I don’t think so. Or maybe I’m just not burnt out. Either way, I enjoy performing and don’t want to go spend more money to get the masters/doctorate required to pursue a job in the field of my degree.

3. What have you been up to while you have been away?

I went to college, travelled. I lived a completely different life for awhile and enjoyed it, was blessed with some amazing experiences I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I’m very grateful for them. May a certain priest rest in peace.

4. What is the biggest change you have noticed in the business from when you started?

That there are just so many more people involved in different aspects. There used to be dancers, pageant girls, magazine models, porn stars, escorts. Now there are web models too. AVN had to actually set guidelines for what they consider a porn star, because of so many web girls and such. Its crazy, but it also has opened producers’ eyes to just how varied the sexual tastes of the consumer really is. Thank goodness! If it wasn’t for that, myself and other models similar to me wouldn’t have the opportunities we do.

5. You had a part in the Dallas Porn Parody. What do you think of all these XXX parody flicks?

I think that it is so popular simply because the material familiar, relatable. Who hasn’t daydreamed about what would happen if writers got a little more explicit with characters? I always wanted to see Jeanie and Major Nelson get it on!

6. Is there a character you would like to play in a parody?

Hmmmm, I’d die me hair back blonde to play penny from the big bang theory if I could. Or I’d take on Gemma or the doctor from Sons of Anarchy. Truth be told, I’d gladly take most roles in a parody just so I can enjoy the experience. I enjoy acting when I get the opportunity.

7. Speaking of characters, you once played a lead in a movie I wrote for Wicked. Might we see you reprise that role?

I’d love to explore the character all over again. It’s on my list of missions in my career this time around.

8. I hear that you have been asked to do a very specific sex act in a lot of your recent scenes, what is it and why do you think you’re getting so many requests for it?

Good lord, I’m getting blowjob scene’d to death! LOL! I’m not complaining, just want to make that clear, but holy mother of God! I’ve got other holes too. That said, I do give a nice wet, sloppy blowjob with lots of spit, stringers. I’m not afraid to lick balls, ass and will tailor the scene to my costars likes and dislikes without it intruding for the viewer. My blowjob scene on www.1000facials.com is currently rated almost a perfect ten.

9. How can fans follow you on line?

I’m on twitter @kiki_daire. I’m on tumblr, www.realkikidaire.tumblr.com.

10. What big projects do you have coming up?

This month I’m working on getting my website up and running, www.officialkikidaire.com.


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