April Storm/Pipeline Media Merge to Meet Changing Needs of PR Clients


 June 10, 2010

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( LOS ANGELES, CA ) – As part of its never-ending effort to provide the best possible representation, Versatile Media Group is proud to announce that it is merging with adult public relations firm Pipeline-Media. The move will expand Pipeline’s reach and allow VMG to focus on the changing needs of its clients.

April Storm will continue to represent both adult and mainstream clients. Her new focus will be on the needs of adult clients crossing over into mainstream, charity events and mainstream clients. The day to day needs of adult and fetish clients will be handled by Pipeline-Media.

“The industry is more challenging than ever,” says April. “The changing demands of our clients have made now the perfect time to make this move. It will allow me to continue to provide our clients with the best service in both adult and mainstream. Pipeline-Media has the experience and expertise to handle the adult clients, freeing up time for me to focus on cross over ventures, charity work and other mainstream needs.”

Though a new company, Pipeline-Media brings a wealth of experience and some innovative ideas to the table. They specialize in adult PR and social networking management, working closely with industry professionals to facilitate web design, head shots, clip store management and content exchange shoots.

Pipeline Media President Tiki Pavelle is understandably excited about the partnership. “April is the best publicist in the adult industry. Her experience will be a great asset for us. Providing quality service has been my main goal from day one with Pipeline-Media. Ethical, conscientious and effective representation is what we are about. We pride ourselves on integrity and innovative ideas to help our clients with their PR needs. That is why I approached XRCO Hall of Famer Roger Pipe to be the head writer for the company. His work is well known and he is highly regarded by the industry. With April’s guidance we can grow into an even stronger company.”

An adult industry veteran Pipe has been working as a freelance PR writer for over three years.

“I have known Roger for years,” said April. “He is a well respected critic, an excellent writer and a great friend. I have hired him periodically to help me with the writing side of things when I needed help meeting the demands of my clients. I have been really happy with his work and have encouraged him to use his skills and experience to get more involved in the public relations aspect of things. I was so happy when he and Tiki formed Pipeline-Media because I knew that they could take on a lot of the adult work while I focused on my cross over, mainstream and charity clients. Since we have worked together for a while already I know Roger’s work and I am comfortable working with him.”

Pipe is excited by the new opportunities presented by this merger. “I have been working with April for a while now and I know how good she is at what she does. The chance to merge our new company with hers is just too perfect to pass up. Tiki and I have worked hard to build a company and provide great service to our clients. We can continue to do that and now offer our clients April’s expertise as well. It isn’t often you find a way to match your strength with someone elses needs and go into business with someone you trust at the same time.”

Storm echoes those sentiments. “As I have learned working with Tera Patrick and other adult stars, the needs of those who cross over into mainstream are specific and demand a great deal of attention. This merger will allow me to do more of that while still feeling confident that my adult clients will be taken care of.” She adds, “I am not turning my back on the adult industry. It has been like a family to me. I am just partnering with people I trust so that I can do what I do best.”


 About April Storm

A veteran of PR profession for more than a decade, April Storm is one of the adult entertainment industry’s top publicists. Featured in XBiz’s “Women of Adult” and on Showtime’s hit series “Family Business” as the someone that knew the biz and always got the job done, April has earned a reputation as a hard working advocate for her client’s needs. Her successful track record of mainstream crossover success stories helped earn her the Nightmoves “Adella Award” for industry excellence in 2005. April has worked side by side with some of the biggest names and brightest stars in both mainstream and adult entertainment including Seymore Butts, Janine and Tera Patrick. She is so well-respected that she has been X-Rated Critics Organization’s publicist for years. April has also worked tirelessly on numerous charity events such as the
Skylar Neil Golf Tournament and Vince Neil’s Celebrity Poker Tournament as well as working closely with some of the biggest names in music. With her focus now on charity, music and mainstream projects for her clients, April continues to be a force in the world of PR.

 About Pipeline-Media

Pipeline-Media is an intimate boutique public relations firm that caters its services to the needs of its clients. With over thirty years of combined experience in the adult industry, the partners of Pipeline-Media provide unprecedented experience, unparalleled service and unique PR packages. Pipeline-Media’s Tiki Pavelle brings experience from both sides of the camera in the fetish world as well as an extensive journalism background. The Pipeline-Media team boasts the talents of XRCO Hall of Fame writer Roger Pipe and his fifteen years experience writing about the adult entertainment industry. With services ranging from press releases and viral media management to mainstream promotion and clip store management, Pipeline-Media is uniquely positioned to meet the changing PR needs of clients in a changing and challenging environment.

 For More Inquiries Contact:

April StormApril Storm
Director of Public Relations
(615) 599-9244
Email: aprstorm@aol.com

Pipeline-Media.comTiki Pavelle

Pipeline-Media – President
(415) 299-0628
Email: tikipavelle@gmail.com

Pipeline-Media.comRoger Pipe
Pipeline-Media – Head Writer
(714) 350-3241

Email: rog@pipeline-media.com

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