Who We Are: An intimate boutique PR firm that caters its services to the needs of its clients. We bring more than two decades of experience in the adult entertainment industry to the table.

What We Provide: Press Releases, Viral Management (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace Fetlife etc), Promotion for adult events, adult media coverage (interviews, featured web spots etc.) mainstream media appearances. We can also provide web design and maintenance and other services as needed.

When We Are Available to You: Because we work off-site we are not tied to a 9-5 office schedule. We can put together press releases and maintain your viral presence on weekends and as needed.

Where We Can Save You Money: We offer our services at reasonable prices either ala carte or in package deals. Our rates are competitive. We can save money by providing services as non-employees and can offer you even better service.

Why You Need Us: We provide you with exactly what you need PR wise. We can customize our approach to meet your needs. We save you money on payroll and benefits while offering all of the benefits of a full time PR rep. Our experience and knowledge of the industry are second to none and we care about your success.


Press Releases/Media Alerts: We offer both full length press releases and shorter, media alerts based on needs. Our contacts in the adult industry are extensive and we limit the number of clients we take so as to not overwhelm media outlets. Our writing staff has more than two decades of experience in the industry and offer a quick turn around time on releases. Viral Maintenance: We offer daily maintenance for your web presence.

Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, XPeeps and other social networking sites are vital to keeping up a good buzz and reaching customers directly. We can handle all of that for you, updating the sites, keeping fans up to date on new projects and helping manage incoming mail.

Other Needs: Our extensive contacts can provide whatever else you may need. We have access to outstanding web designers, web masters and have excellent mainstream contacts should you need that as well.

Prices: For your convenience we offer a number of services ala carte or in packages to maximize value for you. We do press releases and media alerts on a per piece basis. We also offer them at a pre-paid price (10, 25, 100 etc). For extensive needs, we offer an “unlimited” press release package as well. Viral management is available on a per site basis or as a package covering all networking sites. It is available with press releases in an all inclusive package. All Inclusive Package: Unlimited press releases/media alerts, viral management and any other needs all included. Because we devote so much time and attention to you as a full time client we will limit the number of “all inclusive” packages we manage. That way you know you get your money’s worth.

Other Aspects of What We Offer: We offer quarterly and yearly pre-pay discounts. We pay finders fees on new clients. We are focusing our attention on the fetish markets and intend to be the leading PR firm in this area.

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