Should You Expect to Have Sex with a Russian Girl on the First Date?

Should You Expect to Have Sex with a Russian Girl on the First Date?

So much has been said about the uniqueness of Russian girls that you may be wondering whether their attitude to sex is different to Western women’s views on it. By and large, those girls who grew up in small towns are more decent, although it would be too categorical to make such a statement because everything depends on the upbringing and social environment. In Western countries, there are girls who don’t mind having sex on the first date and there are those ladies who are completely against because they need some time to get to know you better and start trusting you and only after that they will be ready for a physical contact. In Russia the situation is similar: there are girls who decide to stay virgins until they get married and those who have liberal views on sex. So the chances your first date will end up in bed are fifty-fifty.

Russian women like sex but they don’t like to talk about it openly. You should take that into account and avoid questions about sex during your date as you may embarrass a Russian woman. If a man talks about sex a lot, she’ll know that he doesn’t want any long term relationship and view her only as a one-night stand. Foreigners often complain that they can’t understand what Russian girls really feel because they are pretty reserved in expressing their feelings to the men they’ve just met. You can try to ask her about her feelings for you but do that in the most delicate and tactful way. If there is a sparkle between you, you’ll both feel it. Also, you should be very attentive to her body language that can tell much about her hidden emotions and desires. On your part, you should not talk about sex and passion but make her feel that you are into her and want to get at least a kiss from her. Don’t be too pushy as she may feel embarrassed. Keep your hands to yourself during your date and avoid touching her constantly. At the end of the date, a kiss on her chick will be appropriate and won’t offend her. However, if you see a special look in her eyes hinting at a real kiss, go for it, otherwise, you’ll miss an opportunity to become closer.

When is the right time to have sex? Russian girls are brought up in such a way that they know from their childhood that, first of all, there should be love between a man and a woman. If there is no love, there can be no thought about even a kiss. They believe it should happen naturally and when the right time comes she’ll drop you a hint. That can happen just on the first date or in three or more dates. Everything depends on how she feels in your company. If she realizes she can totally trust you and see your serious intentions, there is a chance your first date will end up in bed. If she is not yet ready to become that close, you can’t do anything about it.

Although today’s Russian women are more open to the questions of sex and sexuality, they keep it secret if they have sexual contacts before marriage because they are afraid of being frowned upon by society. Their parents and grandparents were brought up in the Soviet Union where sexuality was covert and talking about sex was something unacceptable and shameful. Unlike Western countries where sex education starts at schools and the topics concerning sex are discussed in families, in Russia it hasn’t been so until recently. Fortunately, young women of a new generation are more open-minded about different topics and gradually they are getting rid of any prejudices. However, you should avoid talking about sex expressively with them as they are still under the influence of the morality deeply rooted in Russian culture.

So what you should expect from your first date with a Russian girl? Since those women are governed by their hearts not minds, you can’t know for sure what her decision will be. All you can do is to ensure that your date is pleasant for both of you and you really have fun being together. Also, be sincere with her and make clear your intentions to her so that she knows what to expect. Be attentive to her body language and if you see the signal, go ahead. If you really have fallen for her, be patient and wait until she understands you are the right person.

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